Room 3


The Motogp of physics

Using the principles observed and assimilated in the previous rooms, students can create a real Physics MotoGP, challenging each other on the Fisica in Moto circuit in three amazing interactive stations. Intuitive studying, based on physical concepts such as friction, mass, weight, elastic force, and angular momentum, will help each team acquire all the knowledge needed to get to the finish line first.

The students get on a motorbike which is attached to the floor using a special support system which allows it to lean sideways. An electric motor is connected to the front wheel and is controlled by the accelerator. When the wheel is still, the bike can not remain upright, but when the motor is started, the gyroscopic forces come into play - this is when we see the ability of the rider!

How does the engine power the rear wheel? This workstation is dedicated to answering this question as simply and clearly as possible while having fun! The machine is used by teams: two youngsters use the pistons, while another changes the gear ratios. By using the Ducati Corse data acquisition system, it is possible to view the engine rpm, the maximum speed achieved, and the distance covered. The team that works the best together will be the winners.

A mutant motorcycle, half bike and half bicycle, brings the GP section of physics to a close, introducing the students to the concepts of torque and output using intuitive methods. Students have to climb onto the X-Moto and pedal while a display shows the torque and the power output, second by second. A torque and output curve graph will also be traced for each student. Which team will be the Physics MotoGP champion?

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