Room 2


The characteristic of the principles of physics

Room 2 is an innovative physics laboratory where it is possible to learn more about the characteristics of the principles of physics using custom-designed machinery. The difference between mass and weight, experiments on the second and third principles, and the preservation of angular momentum and centrifugal force are the main focuses of this room.

A plane with no friction and blocks made from different materials help us to experiment and understand the difference between mass and weight.
By trying to move the blocks on the plane, it is possible to notice how mass, force and acceleration relate to each other.

A low friction plane and two racing seats inserted inside an actual ring help us understand the third principle of physics.

Two small motorcycles run along a plane with a guide pulled by two weights.
Which bike wins the race when altering the factors involved?
Thanks to the use of stroboscopic photography, it is possible to calculate the exact speed reached.

The youngsters sit on a motorbike which is resting on a beam which rotates on its own axis.
The bike can move forward and backward as it has an electric motor.
Once the "merry-go-round" starts, students simply move along the beam to change their individual rotation speeds. How does this happen?

Is it possible to actually experiment on an "invisible" force?
This workstation is used to discover this aspect and uses a remote controlled machine that moves along a Plexiglas track to try to make the centripetal force concept clearer.
How can this force be influenced?

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